I have been using “blossom eco skin care” products for several years now, and i think that they are the most amazing and pure products. They are also packaged with purity,  using glass wherever possible. I have tried the complete range of products with total satisfaction, and I come back for more, every time! I only use organic and natural products, and I find “blossom eco skincare products” to be completely consistent, with their ingredients, their information, and their presentation. All beautiful! I thoroughly and passionately recommend these beautiful products to everyone.”

Suzie S  Port Macquarie NSW


I was so excited trying this beautiful skin care range! The natural fragrance that comes from the products will leave your skin feeling nourished. TheCleanser & Make-up Remover was creamy and gentle and i loved that I could use it around my eyes! It left my skin feeling clean and smelling like flowers. The Rose Facial Mist, I used this throughout the day! It's so refreshing and soothing! You will love this, it's a great 'pick me up'. Rose Face Creme, if you want to put some antioxidants back into the skin and to deeply nourish the whole face and neck then you will love this!! I was worried my skin would breakout with this creme but the opposite, it just gave me a healthy glow. Facial oil, Rich, luxurious, leaves the skin super soft. I used this oil morning and night! I applied it to my face, neck, decolletage and the back of my hands. It's a great oil to help slow down the signs of ageing. Facial Exfoiant, It's a creamy facial exfoliant and really gentle on the skin and I used it twice a week.

I really loved these products!!

Yvette - Holistic Health and Beauty NSW 

Hello Monique,
Just wanted to get on here and boast about how great your products are, finally!
I started by buying the Baby's Bum Balm for my first born, he is now 3. I wanted something natural but also I didn't want to worry about what I used because of cloth nappies. Let me tell you this product is the bomb, it cleared up any redness straight away. I now use it on my 7 month old, combined with the Baby's Bum Spray too. Fantastic product and I recommend this to all my friends.
I have also recently purchased the Rose Sampler Pack and the Baby's Oat Milk Bath as my sons skin is a bit sensitive and has cleared that up as well. The Rose products are just beautiful and have only been using it for 5 days and have noticed a difference in my skin. It is also a " little getaway " for me as I use the products after my 2 boys are in bed. Simply divine.
Thanks again on such a wonderful creation.

Sharlea T  NSW

Suzy's New Tattoo Before SOS Balm- Inflammed, Itchy. Dry, Peeling

Suzy's Tattoo Before SOS Balm edited

Hi Monique,

Thank you so much for your Soothing SOS Balm. After days of crazy post tattoo itchiness, and trying every product under the sun, the instant relief of your balm was so welcome!! Highly recommend!!

Suzy B.   Sydney   NSW

Suzy's New Tattoo After SOS Balm-    Soothed-Not Itchy, Nourished & Healed

Suzy's Tattoo After SOS Balm. editedjpg

Dear Monique, 

I have been meaning to have a rave about your products for so long. They are simply wonderful. I have tried many natural or so called products including Jurlique and Clarins and I find yours far superior. The moment they hit your skin you can feel the difference - so pure. Considering how much time I spend outdoors and in the sun they certainly make my skin feel and look much better than it should considering my care of it. I'm sure if I took the time to follow the whole range it would continue to improve more rapidly. Your products are divine and your business ethics are ones you should be proud of. Thanks for your care and commitment and your fantastic products. 

Best wishes, 

Jenni    Mid North Coast   NSW.

To read an independant review of some of our products check out http://www.serenewellnessblog.com/      

Claire-Marie Charters from 'Serene Wellness' reviews our  Cleanser & Make-up Remover,   Rose Facial Mist,    Rose Face Creme,    Facial Exfoliant,  Facial Oil ,   and Lip Balm


I came across the blossom products at our local market and had been on the lookout for an organic skin care range for some time. I got talking to Monique who went through all the products with me and I purchased a little trial pack, which included a cleanser, exfoliant, toner and moisturiser. I got about a weeks worth of use out of the trial pack and the difference I noticed in my skin after only one week was like nothing I've experienced in any other product. I have used a lot of products over the years from high end, big brand names to supermarket brands and I've never come across anythind so devine as the blossom range. After enduring 12 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer my skin was in desperate need of nourishment and the blossom products not only restored my skin to what it was before treatment but my skin is the best it's ever been! Besides the state of my skin, the best thing about blossom is the personalised service from Monique and the fact that I'm supporting an everyday family who are in the business of making clean, organic products to nourish the skin - thank you!

Kindest regards,  Lyndall Currie   Port Macquarie  NSW        

I started looking for a product for my newborn son who had severe nappy rash, he had sensitive skin and was reacting to chemical products including wet wipes. I tried various products from chemist's to local handmade creams and lotions but his rash only got worse. I was recommended to try Blossom Eco Skin Care by my mother in law and within days of using Monique's Blossom Eco Skin Care Baby's Bum Balm and Baby's Bum Spray my son's rash cleared! I shared my rash solving experience with friends who have had babies and they found the same thing.

Since then I have tried nearly all the Blossom Eco Skin Care range, including the Adult range, and have been totally impressed, there is nothing like it! My skin went from having dry, scaly patches to being fully hydrated, vibrant and always soft and supple. I recommend these products to anyone who cares about their skin enough not to load it with chemicals!

Erin D.                         Redhead   NSW         

Hi Monique,

I had two of my girlfriends and their kids visit today and we all did a blossom  Clay Face Mask I wanted you to know we are all glowing and looking younger, brighter, fresher and also feeling good inside for having pampered ones self and taken the time to do an extra beauty treatment with such yummy, yummy ingredients. So thank you, I just love blossom!!!! XXX

Anne R.     Wootton   NSW           

Dear Monique,

I can not rave enough about the Mum's Belly Balm by blossom eco skin care. After talking with you at the markets I bought the balm and used it from 12wks and throughout my pregnancy. It is amazing and I did not get any stretchmarks - Yay!

I had a large range of organic pregnancy creams/oils and the Mum's Belly Balm was by far the best. It was so nurturing, smelt wonderful and did not stain my clothing, which I found lots of the oils did.

After the birth of my baby girl I continued to use the  Mum's Belly Balm as it was so nurturing at a time when everything else felt so out of control!!

I have recommended your products to many of my family and friends that are pregnant and have given it as the "Congratulations your pregnant" gift. The Mum's Belly Balm's  wonderful.

Best regards,  Tania Rose                Port Macquarie, NSW            

Dear Monique,

I just want to write to tell you that I have been using Blossom Eco Skin Care's  Facial Oil  since the Sydney Organic Expo & Green Show and it is an amazing product. I am only 27 but even in this short time (1 month) my skin looks younger and firmer and has improved in tone... the product also smells devine!  Your customer service was great at the expo too,  your store had a really relaxed, personal touch compared with some of the other more commercial brands (which I avoided because some of the representatives were a bit too pushy). I have checked out the other products on your website and am keen to buy some for pressies as well as for myself!

Thank you for producing such beautiful skincare, with a personal touch.

Kind regards,  Lara H.      NSW       

Hi Monique,

I met you at the Pacific Palms markets about 6 weeks ago and bought a small jar of the Rose Face Creme and just loved it so much - so I'm a convert now :-) and no more allergy rashes around my eyes either. Thanks for a terrific product.

D Gregory                     NSW

My name is Chris Jennings and I am a long time sufferer of psoriasis. In the past I have used many products ranging from $150.00 creams from specialists to over the counter products with not much result.

Christmas 2009 my wife bought me a jar of Blossom Eco Skin Care SOS Balm at a market and gave it to me to try, I said "I'll give it a go as I have tried everything else". After about a week of using the balm twice a day my skin started to feel and look better.

SOS Balm stops the itch and redness of my psoriasis and also helped the cracked skin on  my hands. This balm has helped me greatly to get relief from the itch and soreness I have had to put up with for years. I have proved this to myself over the last 2 weeks. I haven't used it as I ran out and the itch and soreness has returned ( this also causes me to itch at night, disturbing my sleep).

I have told other people about the SOS Balm and would say "use it and see for yourself". Thank-you to Blossom Eco Skin Care, finally help and relief!

Chris Jennings                         Ashtonfield  NSW

I have been using SOS Balm on my fresh tattoo for the last two weeks and it is by far the best product I have used for healing tattoos. Even better it is totally organic which is awesome for the skin. As an added bonus it smells pretty good too. Well done!

Nic Gleeson                        Cairns   QLD

Baby's Oat Milk Bath its the Bomb!
I  love that this product is all natural and 100% certified organic. It's also non-slippery so I feel confident and safe holding my little prince in the bath. Combined with using Baby's Bum Balm my son has had no nappy rash and smells simply devine while still keeping his lovely baby smell. Both my husband and I are convinced that it significantly reduced our sons hormone rash, in fact I am so convinced that when my children hit puberty I'll be giving this a try on their acne.
Its a relief to know that at the very least I've got my baby's skin care right.
Thanks Monique for helping keep my baby and I happy and healthy!

Quenorie Napier               Tarbuck Bay  NSW

To Monique at Blossom Eco Skin Care,

Thank you, thank you, finally I can boast about an organic product that really has convinced me. I have spent a fortune on countless products for my 11 year old daughter who has sensitive skin and is also battling the pimple problem. We have found that the Facial Exfoliant and Face & Body Lotion has worked wonders in clearing up her face 100%. Not only does it work, it is very affordable. She still continues to use it morning and night, as she say's it's "The Magic Lotion". I myself have started using a blossom cream which has left my skin soft and fresh.

The SOS Balm is also good for burns, dry skin and is great for the men with all those nicks and cuts.

Again we would like to thank you for not only making great organic products, but for sharing them with us. We totally recommend Blossom Eco Skin care to anyone and everyone.

Karen and Alanna R             Wootton  NSW


I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your baby products!  I have been using them on my 15 month old boy since birth. My favorites by far being the Baby's Bum Spray, which I use with 'itti bitti cloth wipes' and thBabycake Cleanser which is so versatile and great for the whole family.  

We would much rather spend a bit extra and receive a product that we know exactly what's in it and where it comes from than buy something cheap from the shop that reads like a science experiment.

I am also a huge fan of 'itti bitti cloth nappys'. I have recommended your Baby's Bum Balm tonnes of times, on their facebook site to mums asking what's a safe cream to use with modern cloth nappys, as it doesn't build up in the nappy itself, also mentioning the Baby's Bum Spray to use with the cloth wipes while I am at it and directing them to your site. I'm hoping I have helped you gain some loyal customers so you can continue making these fantastic products that I love so much! I really can't say just how much I love your stuff!!!

Elise Raines

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